Doha Bay Running Club
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Friendly, Informal, Running Group based in Doha, Qatar
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Welcome to the Doha Bay Running Club

We are a friendly, informal, running group based in Doha, Qatar. The club was first established in October 2009 and involved just a handful of people. Now, the club boasts over 600 facebook friends with members travelling to races, long and short, all over the world.



Doha Bay Running Club on Facebook

To keep up to date with all the latest running chat and events, please visit our facebook page: -

Running supplies in Qatar what to pack

Part of the fun of life in the Middle East is discovering what products you can use to replace your regular tried and tested, favoured choices. This is because many of brands you would naturally turn to simply are not available. Read more......

Race Events

The opportunity to race within Qatar is increasing. Most are short to middle distance (5 to 10km) but Qatar did host its first marathon in January 2014. The race season runs from November to mid-April. Where to find events:- StuWeb, Premier Marathons and via the DBRC Facebook page